Current projects focus on 1) retrospective storm-scale ensemble analyses and forecasts of VORTEX-SE cases and verification with disdrometer and radar data, 2) understanding the interactions of precipitation microphysics and dynamics in supercell storms, and 3) understanding the role of surface friction on supercell storm structure and tornado development. For more information, please email Dan at

Current Group Members

Marcus Terrell (MS)
Research topic: Disdrometer observations of convective storm rainfall

Past Group Members

Jessica Bozell (MS, 2018): Analysis of rain drop size distributions in severe and tornadic storms during the VORTEX-SE (2016-2017) field campaign

Mingyang Guo (MS, 2018): Impact of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) concentration on simulated supercell storm behavior in the VORTEX-2 and VORTEX-SE field campaigns

Josh Gable (URA, 2018): Analysis of the 25 May 2016 central Kansas severe outbreak